7 Great Resources for Women's Health and Wellness

Women's health and wellness has been notoriously under-served over the decades, but new movements are taking place on many fronts to bridge the gaps that are holding women back from the care, support and success they deserve. While issues of discrimination, inequality and a lack of equal pay in the workplace continue to create barriers for women seeking to improve their lives, a number of women's resources and organizations are actively working to address these specific challenges and provide a much-needed boost to women seeking a better life.  

Whether you're in need of these resources or just looking for an organization to support, there are many excellent options to choose from. Here are seven organizations championing good health, wellness, support and networking opportunities for women today.  


As the largest organization in the U.S. committed to ending sexual violence, RAINN plays an integral role in supporting women's health and wellness by protecting women from violence and trauma. The organization routinely seeks out help from volunteers for its fundraising and awareness campaigns, as well as support of its national sexual assault hotline.  

2. Women's Choice Award Lipstick Alliance 

The Lipstick Alliance is a partnership between the Women's Choice Award and other hospitals and organizations committed to championing better women's health services. This initiative pursues better care for women not only in healthcare, but also in their professional and personal lives.1 

"Hospitals participating in the Lipstick Alliance are committed to elevating women's health through improved clinical care, as well as community events and access to educational resources," says a spokesperson for Parrish Medical Center. "By participating in this organization, hospitals are raising awareness of the need for better healthcare for women, and committing themselves to being part of the solution."  

3. Lamaze International 

This organization offers excellent resources for expecting mothers, as well as new mothers. The goal of Lamaze International is to provide women and mothers with evidence-based research, education and support in their efforts to pursue a healthy birth experience. Through these women's resources, the organization helps women become better advocates for their own healthcare, avoiding unnecessary interventions during childbirth while increasing the rates of healthy pregnancies and safe, normal births.

4. Dress for Success 

Making a strong impression is important, especially when it's a job interview. Dress for Success supports women in seeking new career opportunities by providing them with professional attire they couldn't afford on their own. In doing so, the organization helps give women access to professional jobs and networks that they might miss out on without professional attire. By helping women secure better economic opportunities, those women are then able to receive better health care and other services that improve their overall quality of life.

5. Institute for Reproductive Health 

Women who are pregnant or simply learning more about pregnancy and child planning can receive resources and assistance in several forms from the Institute for Reproductive Health. In addition, women can seek out guidance and additional education about fertility issues, including the health implications of fertility struggles, the emotional toll of infertility, and guidance on the economic factors to consider when exploring fertility interventions. This national organization maintains local chapters in cities across the United States.  

6. National Women's Law Center 

This organization helps shape laws and policies that support women on all fronts, whether it's raising the standard for health care and defending against discrimination. The organization's areas of interest are broad, covering many different aspects of women's daily lives.

"Discrimination and inequality are forces that can disrupt women's wellness and restrict access to better quality of living," says a spokesperson for Parrish Medical Center. "By addressing these issues of inequality, the National Women's Law Center is helping improve access to a better overall standard of living for women."  

7. UltraViolet 

This grassroots organization has grown to more than one million members strong, mobilizing its community to drive "feminist cultural and political change" that addresses issues of sexism and increases inclusivity. UltraViolet's focus can span many different areas, from legislation to media and pop culture representation, with the ultimate goals of reducing and eliminating domestic violence against women, as well as producing economic change for women and ensuring access to affordable health

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